Anointing of the sick

Twice each year, the parish celebrates the Sacrament to the Sick for all who are ill or have a serious health condition.  We do this in the Fall and on “World Day of Prayer for the Sick” in February.

Meantime, if you are going to surgery, you may want to ask the parish priest to celebrate the Sacrament of the Sick at the Mass nearest your surgery.

If at the hospital, contact the Chaplain. If you are not able to leave home or the care facility, you can phone the parish office for emergency numbers at (408) 223-1562 or the Diocese of San Jose (408) 983-0100.


Hospital Visitation

If you are going to a hospital for surgery or serious illness and would like to have a priest to visit, please:

  • Notify the hospital during Admissions and the hospital Chaplain,
  • Phone for the parish priest at St. Francis.

Contact:  When an emergency, after you call 911, call the “priest on duty” at the hospital or call the parish priest at St. Francis at (408) 439-4992 if the person has not left for the hospital or you can not contact a priest at the hospital.