Care Ministries

Homebound Ministry

Members of the Pastoral Care team will visit those sick in their home or in a care facility to:

  • Pray with, offer support and bring blessings from the St. Francis community,
  • To bring Holy Communion and/or God’s healing in the Sacrament of the Sick.

Contact: Diane Haaser (408) 223-1562

Funeral Preparation Ministry

Funeral planning can be difficult at a time of loss. We can ease this difficulty, however, by making plans in advance. Planning in advance allows you to make informed and sound decisions as a family and not alone. Whether you wish to ask a question, record your information, or make those decisions ahead of time, our funeral preparation ministry is here to help.

We encourage you to browse through our funeral preparation brochure.  We hope this information will not only help to clear-up misconceptions on this important area, but also help you to make sound decisions when you are ready.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry

Out of love and compassion for all who need prayers and comfort, we gather to pray each Thursday afternoon. The Prayerful Community for Healing meets in the Fireplace Room and the presence of the Holy Spirit is alive as…

Prayers are offered, intentions are entered in a prayer journal, cards are sent to offer support knowing that someone is praying for them and they are not alone.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry comes to life, a tangible channel to offer warmth to those who are struggling with difficult challenges in their lives, be they in mind, body or spirit.  Use you skill with needles to knit or crochet a prayer shawl, hand-made with many prayers. To date our Ministry at St. Francis of Assisi has given out over 75 shawls!  The response from those who receive these shawls is overwhelming.

If you are interested in this ministry of prayer and craft, join us at 3:30pm each Thursday of the month.   See article written for The Valley Catholic.

Contact:   Joyce Harper (408) 499-5194

Social Justice Ministry

e.g. "Bread Project". More content to follow.

Contact: (408) 223-1562

Deanery VI PArish Cooperative

Grants for summer programs for the youth and Latino families. More content to follow.

Contact: (408) 223-1562