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Flores de Mayo: The May Flower Devotion

Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May) the culmination of the May Flower devotion is one of the many cross-cultural events that make St. Francis a special place of worship.

The Flores de Mayo is an offering of flowers during the entire month as a devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary that reach back to the Marian custom determined by the devotion to the Passion of the Lord, especially in the finding of the true Cross by St. Helena, mother of Constantine. It began in Italy and it spread throughout other European countries.

It is a devotion that promotes prayer and our deep connection to Mary, Mother of God. Here in our parish, flowers are brought up as part of the celebration of Mass and the image of the Mary is bedecked with these flowers for the entire month of May.

To culminate this rich tradition and devotion to Mary, the Filipino Ministry Team is sponsoring a living rosary on May 30 at 4pm and the crowning of the image of Mary at the Saturday, 5pm Mass.