Thank You

We thank the organizers of our SOLD OUT St. Patrick’s Day Dinner that also
included Guinness on Tap, Irish coffee and entertainment by the Green School of Irish Dancers.

Those who worked on the event were the following: Kathy and Larry Lohman, Vince and Barbara Sunseri, Jim Castle, Aurora Estrada, Stella Rodriguez, Mary Kolb, Dan and Barbara Gould, Linda Wright, and the entire committee and volunteers who worked so hard on our event.

We note that they are the same people who organized the sold out Crab Feast (plus another set of amazing staff, committee members, and volunteers) .  This dinner was also a sold out event and a few extra, last minute places had to be added for special guests.

Thank You

I spoke in most of the Masses this past Sunday letting people know that Bishop McGrath had given me permission to retire at the end of June, 2018.  I wanted people to hear this news directly from me. Many of you were surprised and I am sorry for having caused you  sadness and uncertainty. It is natural to grieve and be sad when attachments that we have are threatened, but we leave all in God’s hands, and are grateful for the life that we live each day.  I will continue to minister and, along with the Parish Staff, the Parish Pastoral Council and Parish Leadership help bring about the transition for the new pastor who will be named shortly. I thank you for your patience and understanding. In the meantime we keep each other in our prayer.

Gun Violence

The shooter in the school massacre in Parkland, Florida was probably physically and emotionally abused as a child.  This would account for his rage, anger and acting out and his using of innocent school children as his victims. His rage and anger could be seen as his unconscious response to his own cruel upbringing. This in no way excused what he did but it might help understand his

Of course there is no excuse for giving him access to an AR 15 or any other gun. And, maybe, tighter background checks would have put him on a prohibited list for buying a gun. Months ago, I gave material to our Social Justice Committee to come up with ways that we can help to promote better laws around gun ownership while also respecting the Second Amendment. We are far too lackadaisical about responding to the issue of gun violence in society. There are groups that are promoting saner and safer gun laws that we can join and gradually bring about change.

Lunar New Year

We recognize our parishioners who celebrate the Lunar New Year and wish you a happy and joyful new year with peace and prosperity for you and your families. We thank the Vietnamese Community for sharing their TET celebration with us here in the parish and recognize the work done by the leaders in preparing the liturgies, the food and the entertainment. Thank you.

We also recognize the work done by the Crab Feast Committee in organizing another successful event on Feb. 17. This was a sold out event and was most enjoyable for all the participants. Thank you.

We invite you to take part in the many offerings that we have for Lent especially the Monday night series with Bishop Robert Barron and the Friday Soup Suppers with presentations on the Encyclical. “Laudato Si” followed by Stations of the Cross.

We also have Wednesday night Reconciliation as part of “The Light is On” effort that is taking place in all of the parishes of the Diocese.  Watch for the different languages available in this offering. Have a prayerful and enjoyable Lent.

Goodbye to a Bookstore (continued)

Last week, I said goodbye to the Barnes and Noble bookstore at Eastridge and said that this was a loss for our community, that it affected many people who used to go there as well as the workers at the store and the coffee shop. This store, like many stores throughout the country, and the world, was put out of business by Amazon. The losses that we noted here, in this community, were experienced throughout the country in countless communities. I doubt if anybody has tried to calculate the sum of those losses, and I do not remember seeing any articles or outcry to protest the destruction that one giant company has done.