Parking Problems

As you all know, we have so many people coming to church on Sunday, especially at the prime time for mass attendance between 9:30 and 12:30, that our parking lots are not big enough to meet the needs. We have a good working relationship with the Latter Day Saint’s church, next door, and we can sometimes use the back spaces in their lot. For instance, during Easter Services, we did use those spaces. We also provided shuttle service from those back spaces so that people who parked there could come to church in the Chapel and Hall and not be very late for Mass. However, we cannot presume on using their parking lots all of the time for the simple reason that they have their own needs and those come first. And, anyway we do not want to impose on our neighbors no more that any of you would like your neighbors to impose on you.

We are also very grateful to Evergreen College for responding to our requests and for offering us parking spaces for our Easter Services. We provided shuttle service from those lots, too. We are still awaiting reports to see how this service met your needs. We thought that those of you who live out towards the north east part of the parish could drive southwest on Yerba Buena and conveniently park there. Tell us what you think.

We have also asked members of our youth and young adult groups to provide assistance to you on Sunday, helping you find empty spaces as quickly as possible, so that you can feel welcomed onto our property, and so that you can get to the mass that you are attending as quickly as possible. We have also provided parking lot security in our masses by having our attendants circulate the parking lots while you are in Church. We have had no break-ins since we began that practice.

The Facilities Committee has outlined the problems that are caused by people parking in red zones, in striped areas, on the sidewalk, behind other cars etc. They have also pointed out that emergency vehicles need to be able have free access when they are called here. If cars obstruct their passage serious effects could accrue to a sick parishioner. They have some plans and we will finance those efforts.

We recently lost our facilities director and are in the process of hiring a new one. Until we have him or her in place we will have to wait to make more improvements.

We put this information before you, to show you what we have done, so that you know that staff have been dealing with this problem. Of course, the long term solution is providing more parking where the big mound of earth now sits. You will be hearing about that soon.

Happy Easter Season and the Peace of the Risen Lord be with you.

-Fr. Gene