Evangelization has three pillars: Word, Worship, and Witness.

Our parish has to do all of them. We are doing thin in different ways and with greater or lesser success. Word should involve more direct study of the Word of God in scripture. We have to provide more bible education and study. There is no substitute for the Word of God because it has power to change lives in the world and lead us into deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Word has to be at the heart of Faith Formation which, in our parish, takes place in the Generations of Faith (GOF) format. This includes catechesis for the entire family, which is better than a child central approach, which is the core in many parishes. We see spikes in the number of GOF families around First Communion and Confirmation and a drop off in participation in other years. We also have to expand our Faith Formation offerings to include adults, and all those interested in growing in their faith.

-Fr. Gene