A few weeks ago I wrote about Word, one of the pillars of Evangelization. Today I say something about a second pillar, Worship.

Here is a data point that the Office of Evangelization of the Diocese has given us: The average DSJ parishioner’s Sunday liturgical experience is “mediocre” at best. 

Two other pieces are: Of the 600,000 Catholics of the Diocese of San Jose, less than 100,000 attend Mass on an average weekend. Seniors and 55+ are attending, youth and young adults are not.

Some of the root causes given are: Uninspiring homilies, Music is not uplifting, Lack of Hospitality.

Some of the above does not apply to our parish! That is why we are bursting at the seams!

While I believe that there is some truth to the above, I believe that we are not complacent here. We are working on all aspects of the liturgical life of the parish. We have to improve everything that we are doing- preaching, music, hospitality- so that you, who come here for worship, leave here with a sense of hope and encouragement, and have some tools to deal with life and put into practice the teachings of the Gospel.

I thank all of you who are engaged in the liturgical life of the parish. Thank you for sharing your time and talent to give honor and glory to our God. 

-Fr. Gene