Parish Pastoral Council

We are grateful to the following members of the council who have completed their three year term: Paul Sanchirico, Barbara Gould, and Ravi Pragasam.

During their time on the council they have worked with Fr. Sweetser S.J. and his Parish Assessment and Renewal team which has given us the leadership model that we are using to improve communication and coordination of parish activity.

They helped come up with the proposal to build a larger worship space, a new parish church, and helped put that proposal before the parish for consideration and support.

They supported the feasibility study to see if we could raise the funds for the new church. Knowing that we could not raise the $15,000,000 called for they helped come up with the case statement for the Shine the Light Campaign.

Realizing that we needed to update our vision as a parish they helped write the new vision statement for the parish:

We are a Christ centered community committed to evangelization, service and fellowship.

As you can see they, along with the other council members, have done a lot of work to help the parish become better at serving you, the parishioners, and they have given me and the staff sound guidance and support. For this I thank them.

We now have three openings on the council and we invite people with the leadership abilities that we need to let us know of your interest to serve on this important body.

Serving is really a calling that you receive from the Spirit. We then have a discernment process to confirm that the calling is real.

Contact me, a member of the council or a member of the staff if interested.

-Fr. Gene