From The Desk of Our Pastor...

Grape Harvest 2015

We give praise and thanks to our God for the bountiful harvest of grapes from our vineyard. We picked 1790 lbs. of grapes on Monday, September 7. We also brought back 47 cases of Zinfandel wine from the 2014 harvest. We thank all the parishioners who came out to harvest the grapes. We especially thank Tom and Whitney Donahue for the use of their truck to transport the grapes to Morgan Hill and Gugliamo Vineyard where the grapes will be crushed, fermented, and converted into our table wine. We now have wine from the 2012, 2013, and 2014 vintages and will be using it for our future festivities, and offering it to our parishioners as members of the wine club for a $10 donation. We will also have cases available at a reduces rate for our parishioners.

Our Lady of Valenkanni

We congratulate the Indian Community for organizing a wonderful celebration for Our Lady of Valenkanni, who is remembered for her appearance to a shepard boy, a lame boy, and for saving the lives of Portuguese sailors in the 16th Century. This celebration included many elements of Indian culture in the Mass and in the Gathering Hall afterwards. We thank the leaders of the Indian Community who put in a lot of time and work in preparing for and in carrying out the celebration. We thank them for sharing their food, language, music, dance, and native dress and culture with our SFOA Community.

Igbo Community 10th Anniversary

We congratulate the Igbo community on their 10th anniversary of existence at St. Francis of Assisi which they celebrated on Sunday, September 13, presided by Bishop McGrath and accompanied by 15 priests including Fr. James. This was a joyful and festive celebration where the Igbo community sang, danced, and prayed in their own language and dressed in their colorful native dress. After Mass, the community celebrated in the Gathering Hall with food, drink, and dancing. We recognize the leaders and members of the Igbo community and thank them for the many ways they support and enrich the parish of St. Francis of Assisi

-Fr. Gene