Shelter for Homeless People at St. Francis

The project, being organized by the Outreach Commission of the parish, to give shelter to 15 homeless men is going ahead with your help and cooperation. We are looking at a February start date.

Homeless guests will be vetted by a professional Medical Social Worker. We took sign ups at some of the Masses last Sunday and continue to receive offers of support and good wishes from you, our wonderful parishioners. We are still looking for men who will be able to provide night supervision for our homeless guests. This could mean signing up for a portion of a night or a full night given the needs and your own circumstances. We are lining up cooks for breakfast and dinner, servers, intake people; we may need some transportation people, we will have portable showers, we will get cots from the Red Cross. We may construct a lean- to for storage. We are compiling a master list of all volunteers and continue to add new people.

Thanks for your co-operation and hospitality. We are doing the corporal works of mercy as we journey into the Jubilee Year of Mercy.

-Fr. Gene