A Successful Venture

Some years ago we started a small hospitality get together after the Wednesday morning Mass at 8:30.

We just served some coffee and donuts. The people gathered and stayed around for awhile.  We had maybe two round tables to begin with. Now, a few years later we have ten tables of people who stay around and we have a much expanded menu to choose from. People bring along delicacies that they prepare at home or that they purchase especially for this Wednesday hospitality that has now grown to be more like a brunch.

We now look forward to Wednesday morning. Also, word has gone out that this hospitality exists and more people come to the morning Mass, on Wednesday, and gather afterwards. It is obvious that people enjoy this time together and that it deepens the connection that we have to each other. For some people it may be the only time that they spend with their friends.

When I look at this I say “Why don’t we have this after the Sunday Masses as well?”

We would have to meet outdoors, on the patio area, but that should not be too difficult.  Provided the weather is dry we could set up tables, and chairs, and a table with the snacks that people like. 

If we set up hospitality, after Mass, people will gradually begin to slow down, to linger, to meet new people and enjoy each other’s company. I have seen this develop in some of the other parishes where I have worked and am confident that it would happen here. The Community Commission of the parish could sponsor this activity.

 If you like welcoming people and enjoy seeing people get together around food and drink let me know and you can use your skills in this area. Think about it. 

Peace and blessings,

-Fr. Gene