Upcoming Election (Final)

Common sense is not very common but some people are gifted with it. If you are one of those people you can call on it for this election and put it to good use.   Along with it I put what I call “a gut feeling”.  You get a gut feeling, or an intuition, about a candidate or a proposition and you go with that. And it is usually right.  When you put the two together you get a good idea on how you need to act in a given situation.  As well as doing all the reflection and study and prayer that we have advocated in previous pieces we all can fall back on common sense and our own intuition to help us decide how to vote.

What we are doing as Catholics is our duty as faithful citizens. We are participating in the democratic process which is denied to so many people in our world. We are remembering the sacrifices others made so that we have the right to vote. We are choosing the best possible people and propositions to advance gospel values and the common good. We can have the satisfaction of doing our best to move things forward for our city, state and country. That is a victory of sorts that should be acknowledged.

-Fr. Gene