Maria (not her real name)  is a self employed, hardworking woman who cleans houses.  She has been saving up and sending money to Mexico to go towards building a house there. That money was being managed by her niece and amounted to over $4,000.  However, when Maria went down to see how the construction was going she discovered that there was no construction and the money was gone. There was not much she could do about that except remove the niece from the project.

When she came back to her home she started all over again to make up for the loss.  One woman, whose house she cleans, on hearing of her story, gave her a gift of $300.  Next week that woman’s husband, warning her not to tell his wife, made another gift of $3,000. The parish secretary told her that God would provide and sure enough she wins $1,000 in the parish raffle. That brought the total to $4,300 which is equivalent to the amount that she had lost. So, the project will go ahead now under new management. Maria is happy with the way things have worked out.

I know all the people in the story and I have experienced their generosity and friendship too. The husband that I mention above also came to visit me when I was engaged in raising funds for a project. He came out of nowhere as it were, sat down and gave me a check. He made no big deal about his gift but when I went back to look at it later I saw that it was for $20,000 and that it was a big help to us at the time. I thank God for them and for the many good and generous people that I encounter day in day out

-Fr. Gene