Saints in the City

"Saints in the City” was an event organized by the Offices of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Vocations, Evangelization and Apostolado Hispano of the Diocese of San Jose where youth were recognized for the ministry that they do in our parishes and high schools. Each parish and Catholic High School nominated a young person who exemplified some of the virtues and values lived by saints such as Maria Goretti, Francis of Assisi, Teresa of Avila, and Thomas Aquinas of our church.  I was very impressed to see so many young people who are deeply committed to their faith, have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and who do significant ministry in their communities. It gives me hope that this generation will do good work in preaching the gospel in word and action.

Our Parish nominated Alivia Martinez for the Saint in the City 2016 Honor.  Alivia is a dedicated youth leader with wonderful charisma and apostolic spirit.  Always enthusiastic and dedicated, Alivia is a humble servant leader who goes the extra mile, continuously and cheerfully.  Her passion and positive outlook inspire many young people to come to church and to grow in faith.  We congratulate Alivia and thank her for her leadership in our youth community.  We also thank Alivia's parents, Doreen and Art, for supporting Alivia.

-Fr. Gene