Lent: Don't Worry

If you have not made a great start to Lent, or even if Lent has come so quickly for you that you never got started, do not fret: there is lots of time left. You can start now, or when you are ready, and take on some activity that you enjoy and that will benefit you and others. Lent is not meant to be a miserable time even if includes some discipline. It is an opportunity to care for body and soul and spirit. 

I want to see Lent, among other things, as a time for 3 S’s. 

The first “S” is to have me slow down. Everything is going too fast. The spiritual life is not like a computer, it is not tied to time, it goes at its own pace, and you cannot rush it or push it or force it. I have to wait, be quiet and be open. 

The second “S” is for silence. There is too much noise, too much talk, too much sound assaulting our ears. Too much radio, too much TV, too many talking heads everywhere, too many experts being called to pontificate. 

The last “S” is for solitude. Time alone, quiet, sitting on the park bench looking at the trees, sitting in the back garden. 

Jesus did these things in the desert and He is our Teacher. Enjoy the rest of Lent.

-Fr. Gene