Easter Thank You!

I thank all of the people involved in preparing and carrying out our liturgies during Holy Week: Passion ( Palm) Sunday , Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil and Easter Services.

I welcome the new members who have joined our church: Tony Heng, Trong Le, Jodey Tran, Jade Vu, Chaire Barragan, Vinrila Curaming, Joshua Espiritu, Justin Espiritu, Nicole Gutierrez, Mason Hobbs, Aijun Pamidi, and David Vu.

And those who have completed their sacraments of initiation: Sam Ablao, Reigal Quinto, and Andres Zamora. What a pleasure it is to see you coming to church and continuing to learn more about our faith and being part of our community.

I thank the RCIA team and Faith Formation staff, as well as their sponsors, for walking with them throughout the year.

I also thank our staff for their hard work. We received many compliments from different quarters appreciating the care taken in carrying out the many services, their prayerfulness, the quality of the music, hospitality of the ministers, the beauty of the environment, the orderliness of the processions.

I especially thank our facilities staff and our environment people who had to do many different changes in the Gathering Hall and Chapel. Just consider that the environment had to be red for Passion Sunday, white for Holy Thursday, red again for Good Friday and White/ Gold for Easter. They had to completely dismantle our pre school, store away its contents, set up chairs and sound equipment inside and outside so that the processions would be accompanied by music. The beauty of the sanctuary environment in the Chapel received special praise for its design and elegance.

We thank the scouts for their help, the parking attendants and the SJPD for their help. We are grateful to the Latter Day Saints for generously providing us with extra parking.

Of course what underlies all of our work is knowing that people draw closer to Jesus Christ and to one another in these services, that we leave to bring His peace to others and that we give Glory and Praise our God.

Happy Easter everyone.

Peace, Fr. Gene