Upcoming Election (continued)

Pope Francis says that "authentic faith….always involves a deep desire to change the world, to transmit values, to leave this earth somehow better than we found it". I would say that most Catholics do not think of their faith in this way. "Changing the world" is a daunting task and how can I set about doing that? On the other hand we see the need to do just that. The world is so torn apart that we have to make our own small contributions towards peace and justice. We can familiarize ourselves with the church’s social teaching and be guided by the values that it upholds. We have supplied hundreds of small pamphlets that you can read and digest and use as a platform for action.

Pope Francis says that we cannot stand on the sidelines in the fight for justice. (The Joy of the Gospel #183).

I know from my own experience that it would be difficult for me to vote for a party or a candidate different from my family’s party or candidate. I would feel that I was being disloyal to my family heritage in some way. That is because members of my family suffered because of their politics. It would be very difficult for me to vote for the party that caused them this hardship. 

You may have a strong loyalty to one party or other because of your family history and your own background and experience. 

Can you and I put aside our party loyalty and ask "what is my identity as a member of the Body of Christ?"  Can I discuss the political issues in the light of our church’s teaching before going in the usual direction that I am familiar with? (To be continued.)

-Fr. Gene