Grape Harvest

We are grateful to the Lord for the bountiful Harvest of Grapes from our vineyard this year. We picked five large bins of beautiful, ripe, juicy, and mouth-watering grapes. That is about two tons of grapes! The grapes have already been crushed at the Guglielmo Winery of Morgan Hill and have gone through the fermentation process. We have six barrels, around 300 gallons, of wine that will be aged in Oak Barrels until it is time for tasting, blending, and bottling.

As well as being grateful to the Lord we also are grateful to Roberto Celestino, our Vineyard Manager, who took care of the vines throughout the year. We are grateful to Phil our Facilities Director, to Dylan and Fernando facilities staff and to the parishioners who came to harvest the grapes. Thank you all very much.

We thank Tom and Whitney Donohue for transporting the grapes to the winery where they will be crushed and fermented.

We say this prayer of Thanksgiving:

God our Creator,
Who never cease to bestow your bounteous fruits,
From the rains of heavens and the riches of the soil,
We thank your loving majesty for this year's harvest.
Through these blessing of your generosity
You have fulfilled the hopes of your children of St. Francis of Assisi.
Grant that together they may praise your mercy without end
And in their life amid the good things of this world
Strive also after the blessing of the world to come
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen