Parish Organization  (continued)

In the last two bulletins I shared with you a structure that helps us organize the 60 plus ministries of the parish. I told you that these ministries can be grouped into five areas, each  headed by a Commission: Administration, Community, Faith Formation, Worship and Outreach. I showed you how they related to the Parish Pastoral Council, the Pastor, and the Staff.

Each of the commissions has eight members. Here are some of the qualifications of the members: Be a leader of the parish who understands the vision of the parish, be one who knows what is happening in the parish and how it is evolving, be able to plan and vision, come prepared to meetings, be willing and able to work with others, be willing to speak up and share one’s wisdom, be willing to connect with others within the area of the commission, be actively involved in some ministry, be willing to come to the monthly Leadership Meeting on the first Tuesday of the month.

Each commission has a few goals and objectives for the year and the five Commission should have an overarching goal for the parish e.g. “Welcoming”.

The Community Commission has a goal of offering Hospitality after the 10:30 AM Mass every Sunday of the Year. We are doing our best to make this happen. We need the cooperation of the weather and a few more of you to really succeed.   We need help and people who are energized Catholics who want to make a difference. The other Commissions also need people.

Contact Parish Pastoral Members, Commission Members through our office, Staff or me to become involved.