Living in Different Worlds

The Federal Government throws around these huge figures that are hard to imagine for ordinary people and, maybe, even for lawmakers in the House and Senate. We know that many lawmakers are already wealthy, and that many are multimillionaires, so they do have personal experience of wealth that we do not have. But how can they imagine trillions and billions? How can they grasp these figures and how can they appreciate what a billion dollars, one way or the other, can do to countless people whom they are charged to represent? If a billion dollars are cut from Medicaid or Medicare how many poor people will lose their health insurance and other necessary income? How many jobs for unemployed youth can be created with a billion dollars? Where is the accountability when a billion dollars is wasted in a foreign country? Maybe it’s far too easy to sit at a desk or in congressional conference room and toss around these huge figures that affect so many small people somewhere. How can you imagine these figures and deal with them responsibly?

Last week we received a check for $20,000 from a financial institution with whom we have been in negotiations for the past five or six years.  We thank our finance people for their persistence and hard work in getting this money for the parish. It’s not much compared to the numbers above, but it is a number that means a lot to us and to our operation. The last few Sunday Collections hover around that amount. It is what we need to pay salaries and benefits for our employees and keep the property in good shape for you, our parishioners, and keep the programs of outreach going for the needy, including the 7,000 homeless people in Santa Clara County. We think in hundreds and thousands and we see people and faces that are affected by our numbers. We have an advantage that the Federal Government does not have, and we know how difficult it is to raise the amounts that we use,  which is why we spend them carefully and with close oversight. Thank you for your continued support.