Eating while watching TV

Very bad.  When you are eating while watching TV you are eating mindlessly. You are trying to do two things at the same time and not paying your full attention to your eating and to the food that you are ingesting. Over the long haul this contributes to weight gain and effects your self esteem and how you feel about yourself. As a rule we do not believe in the Silicon Valley fad of multitasking whether its texting while driving or eating in front of the TV. If you are looking for something “to give up” for Lent this would be a good choice.  We have a good dictum handed down to us in our church that says, in Latin ,“age quod ages,” which means pay attention to what you are doing, do not be distracted.

Also, eating out contributes to weight gain. This is probably due to the way that food is prepared in restaurants and also connected to the oversized portions that they serve. Weight gain is approximately 26%.

Finally, eating at home is best where you know how the food is prepared and where you join with your family members. This way of eating, in fact, contributes to weight loss and better family communication and happiness.

Where did I get this? A KRON News piece on Saturday, March 4, while eating breakfast.