Only a Pawn in their Game

Instead of welcoming the 800,000 young people who were brought here as children by their parents, and cannot be blamed for violating any immigration laws, the political parties have treated them as pawns in their political games.  These young people have grown up here, have gone to school here, have taken part in sport here, have taken part in community activities here,, have gone to church, have joined the defense forces, have contributed their youthful
energy and talent to the community and yet they are being told "NO" meaning “we don’t want you."

If the country said “Welcome” these young people would feel at home, would settle in to be productive members of the community and would want to give back to the country that valued them, and took them in, no questions asked. And, even if the majority of people want to see them welcomed, the politicians still want to use them for their own purposes, to advance their agendas, without considering the pain and suffering that they are causing these young people, and have caused them, over the past couple of years.  

We hope that they will finally be welcomed so that they can go on with life without being pushed back and forth in such a heartless fashion.

We can also contact our local members of House and Senate.


Thank you
I thank you for sending me greetings and prayers on the occasion of my 70th. birthday. I especially thank you for offering masses for me and for your prayers during the morning masses and Sunday masses. I give thanks to God for the gift of life that comes with each day and I thank God for all of you and for the opportunity to work with you witnessing to God’s Kingdom. Thanks again.