From our Music Director, Leslie Legacion…


I've been asked, 

"Why church music?" "Can you make a career of this?" 

To be completely honest, I love being asked about my "job." and I quote job because what I do isn't a chore. Working for the church, coordinating music, teaching  children, surrounding myself with a community of faith is a privilege. Growing up as a musician, I've learned not just how to play instruments, or read music, I learned how to communicate with people through music. I learned how to get to know someone and understand things a little better when there's music involved because, as many of us know, music is a universal language.

Music in the church, liturgical music, is one that gathers everyone as a community, where it doesn't matter what you sound like. All that matters is that your voice is welcomed and accepted in this place of worship. Liturgical music is an interpretation of the Scripture readings we hear every weekend. It responds to the Word and gives us, the congregation, another way of comprehending what was proclaimed to us. I love sitting at the piano and accompanying the choir, and I don't mean the folks behind the microphones and music stands; I mean you, the ones in the pews. We are the choir and we are all musicians in our own way because music allows us to be creative, to be independent, to feel important, and to be united with the people around us. 

So, if you ask me, yes, this is my career- being a musician, a director, a teacher, a composer, a minister. And I encourage anyone, young and old to know that you never have to feel like you don't have a place in the church. The Music Ministry here at St. Francis welcomes you. Let us together express our love of God through music.

“I will sing of your love and justice; to you, LORD, I will sing praise."
Psalm 101:1