Gun Violence

The shooter in the school massacre in Parkland, Florida was probably physically and emotionally abused as a child.  This would account for his rage, anger and acting out and his using of innocent school children as his victims. His rage and anger could be seen as his unconscious response to his own cruel upbringing. This in no way excused what he did but it might help understand his

Of course there is no excuse for giving him access to an AR 15 or any other gun. And, maybe, tighter background checks would have put him on a prohibited list for buying a gun. Months ago, I gave material to our Social Justice Committee to come up with ways that we can help to promote better laws around gun ownership while also respecting the Second Amendment. We are far too lackadaisical about responding to the issue of gun violence in society. There are groups that are promoting saner and safer gun laws that we can join and gradually bring about change.