Goodbye to a Bookstore

Barnes and Noble bookstore in Eastridge closed its doors and the notice on the door says that we are now  to go to their store on Stevens Creek Boulevard, in San Jose, or visit them on online at their website.

We will not be going to Stevens Creek Blvd. because it is too faraway, and why would we visit them online when we can visit Amazon?

Barnes and Noble was an amenity for different groups in the community; booklovers of all ages went there to buy or to browse and to be around books that contain the wisdom and knowledge handed down through the centuries and generations. It had sections for kids, and for teens, as well as a wide variety of books for people of all ages. The kids section had suitable furniture and colored pictures and stuffed animals that attracted children to begin reading.  It had staff to help you at the information desk.  At Christmas you could get your book gift wrapped. Some book groups met there. It had a great selection of magazines from which you could pick up one with an article that interested you.

There was a coffee shop in the store where you could read, do homework, work on your laptop or just get away from the noise in the Mall. Evergreen students met there. Down at the back of the store you could find music CD’s or audio books.

Barnes and Noble gave employment to people who now may be out of work or who may have to make big changes in their lives.  Losing a job can be a devastating event for anyone living in San Jose, given the outlandish cost of housing. We hope that the employees who were there are looked after.  ( to be continued next week),