Thank You

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your pastor for the past nine years. This has been a great privilege and a great blessing for me. Thank you for your personal kindness, your friendship and your love. thank you for your support in the different projects that we did together and your day to day support in the activities of the parish. You were always generous with your time, your talent and your treasure. I especially thank those of you who worked closely with me in leadership roles, those who developed our mission statement ("called to serve in the footsteps of St. Francis") and vision statement ("a Christ centered community given to evangelization, service and fellowship") and made sure that we were following them both.

I thank the parish staff for their constant support, the priests Fr. Michael and Fr. Khoa, the visiting priests Msgr. Mitchell and Fran, and Fr. Paul, the Deacons Sunny, Willy, Andrez and their wives Sabrina Cynthia and Ursuls.

I thank the ethnic communities and your leadership, participation and friendship. I especially thank all of those who prayed constantly for me and for the parish. I thank those who worked in the outreach efforts of the parish and who continue to help the poor, the homeless, the immigrant and those in jail. Your self giving shows your love for all people as well as your love of Jesus Christ.

I am leaving the parish in good hands and pray that our God will prosper the work of the hands of the new pastor, Fr. Matt Stanley, and his parochial vicar, Fr. Lieu Vu.

I leave with a store of good and beautiful memories that will enrich my life and stay with me always.

I will continue to remember all of you fondly and will keep you in my prayers.

God bless,
Msgr. Gene O'Donnell
Pastor, St. Francis of Assisi, San Jose