From the Desk of Fr. Lieu Vu


Rejection is part of being human.  We all experience it, and yet, when we do, we feel the most alone, outcast, and unwanted.

The Gospels tell us that Jesus experienced rejection, quite a bit of it.  That is the beauty of the dual nature of our Savior---being fully divine; He chose to be brought low into the humanness of suffering, being fully human.

This weekend’s Gospel (Luke 4:21-30) tells us that when Jesus returned to his hometown of Nazareth and as a devout person, Jesus went to the Synagogue faithfully on the Sabbath and was invited to do a reading from the prophet Isaiah and preach on it.  His neighbors and friends responded to His preaching with
enthusiasm at first, but their response turned into hostility because of His broadmindedness, his universality, preaching salvation to all people.  They rejected Him!

I think St. Luke is giving us a warning of what was ahead for Jesus---how His ministry of teaching and healing started out to be very popular with the people.  Gradually, as people, especially some of the Jewish leaders, really started to understand His message, opposition to Him grew until He was put to death.

Perhaps, St. Luke is teaching us that we cannot take Jesus on our terms but on His terms. We cannot make Jesus into who we would like Him to be.  We must accept Him on the basis of who He wants us to be.  In other words, we must be open and remain faithful to Him who is our Lord and Savior.