Epiphany Proclamation

My sisters and brothers, the glory of the Lord Jesus has been made manifest and will continue to be revealed in our midst until he comes again. In the rhythms and alternations of time, let us recall and live the mysteries of our salvation.

Central to the entire liturgical year is our celebration of the TRIDUUM OF THE LORD, crucified, died and risen, which culminates on EASTER SUNDAY, the 21st of April.  Every SUNDAY, when we recall this paschal mystery, holy Church makes present this great event in which Christ has conquered sin and death.

From Our Faith Formation Director, Lisa Nakamura

The Holy Family

I grew up with several images of the Holy Family. The one I remember the most, is Mary holding baby Jesus with Joseph standing over Mary and gazing tenderly at Jesus. They all look so gentle and spirit filled. Not a care in the world.  So holy, so perfect.

 I look at that image now and think to myself “That is not what my family looks like not even close”. I’m lucky If my children even made “eye contact” with me.  I had to fight the many video games and television programs for that kind of attention. The only other time there was eye contact was when one of the children was in trouble.

 My family does not look like Jesus’ family. However, I believe that all families are indeed Holy. According to the Second Vatican Council’s Dogmatic Constitution on the Church: “The family is, so to speak, the domestic church”. (Lumen Gentium#11) This means that it is in the context of the family that we first learn who God is and to prayerfully seek His will for us.

From the desk of Deacon Andrzej Sobczyk

Christmas Spirit

When you hear the word Christmas, what images come to your mind? Perhaps a family gathering around a Christmas tree, sharing of gifts, a table full of your favorite homemade food, stories, music, singing carols, going to midnight mass, decorations, Christmas cards, pictures, laughing, reconnecting with family and friends, children playing, people smiling. Our own specific images and memories will be different for each person, but the one thing that connects them all is relationships.

A Message from Fr. Michael Syjueco…

What generally happens at Mass?

Before we break down the Mass into its parts, perhaps it will help if we understand what generally happens to us at Mass.

In the Mass we hear the word of God proclaimed.  This happens during the Liturgy of the Word. When we hear the word of God, we come to know him.  In every kind of relationship entering into a deeper knowledge of the person is the foundation of that relationship.  In the same way, a knowledge of Sacred Scripture lies at the foundation of entering a deeper relationship with Him.  The more we know Him, the better we come to love Him, and the better we love Him, the closer we follow Him.