Developing a life long enthusiasm for learning . . .

Preschool can be one of the most important educational experiences that your child can have.  It provides a strong foundation to your child’s life long learning experience.

At our preschool, we help prepare children not only for kindergarten but for life . . . through activities that help them learn language, math, science, dexterity, expression, imagination and social skills.  Come see for yourself.  You’ll find that when learning is fun, kids love to learn.

St. Francis preschool wants to help you and your child have a positive outlook on education. We are a developmental program that focuses on the needs of the whole child. These focuses are cognitive, spiritual, physical, emotional, and social. We meet the child where their developmental ability maybe and help them grow from there.

Not surprising we love to play; playing is a child’s way of learning. Our environment promotes all aspect of play, so that they can learn about everything around them.




Parent’s Corner