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Host chapter of 2014 ICCUSA National Convention


San Jose Igbo Catholic Community is a vibrant Christian community based in San Jose, California. We profess the Catholic religion and worship our Lord in Igbo language. Our church, Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, is a welcoming environment where all Igbos and friends across the Bay Area and beyond gather in service to God. Our monthly worship and gathering allows us to cultivate a lasting fraternal Igbo Catholic community, and in the process, promote and foster our Christian values.

The San Jose Igbo Catholic Community is a chapter of the Igbo Catholic Community, USA (ICCUSA), with branches throughout the United States of America. Under diocesan guidelines, each chapter serves the pastoral needs of members and through liturgy, promotes the Igbo Christian culture, traditional values, and religious faith. We provide a caring village for our children and young adults to grow and learn through positive interaction with their peers under the guidance of parents, dedicated laity, and our Igbo priests. Children experience and develop Christian attitudes and behaviors of self-discipline, respect and responsibilities expressed by the community.

Our activities include Baptismal services, youth education for Mass servers, adult and youth retreats, and support for the bereaved. We invite you to come and worship with our community at our monthly Sunday Mass!

The Igbo mass is celebrated on the second Sunday of each month at 12:30pm at Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church. God's words are proclaimed in Igbo language during our services, which also feature Igbo liturgical hymns and charismatic songs accompanied by authentic Nigerian instruments.

A potluck follows every monthly mass service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish, nurture, and promote a thriving Igbo Catholic community in San Jose and neighboring cities in Northern California Bay Area. We share the richness of our culture within the parish and the diocese at large, and strive to pass on our Catholic Igbo culture and values to our children so that they can reach their full potential in life and become strong moral leaders.

Diocese of San Jose

Our host parish, St. Francis of Assisi, belongs to the Diocese of San Jose which is coterminous with the boundaries of Santa Clara County and includes fifteen cities/townships and some un-incorporated areas under county jurisdiction. The Diocese of San Jose belongs to the Ecclesiastical Province of San Francisco.

Igbo Catholic USA

The Igbo Catholic Community of San Jose is a chapter of the Igbo Catholic Community in the United States of America (ICCUSA). Under diocesan guidelines, ICCUSA serves the pastoral needs of its members and promotes Igbo Christian culture, tradition, values, and religious faith through our liturgy.

Northern California Igbo Communities

Our community works cooperatively with other Northern California sister Igbo Catholic communities in the dioceses of San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento.

Igbo Catholic Foundation, San Francisco
Igbo Catholic Community Hayward
Igbo Catholic Community, Sacramento




Igbo Mass Schedule

12:30pm (In the Gathering Hall)
Second Sunday, Monthly

Chaplain: Fr. James Okafor

*A potluck usually follows the mass services

2014 ICCUSA Convention

San Jose Airport Garden Hotel
1740 N. First Street, San Jose, CA 95112
Tel: 408-793-3300 or 321-800-7707

2014 ICCUSA Convention Flyer
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