Music Ministry

Greetings!   A little bit about Music and its important role in Liturgy:

Certainly, music can make our Eucharistic celebration beautiful, solemn, and festive.  Good music can elate us, make us joyful, and even inspire us to prayer.  Special music will comfort us in times of sadness, strengthen us in difficult times.  But the right music will inspire us to hear the Word of God, to act upon it, and spread the news that God loves his people!  That is the aim and purpose of Liturgical Music.  To help us pray, to help us learn, and to inspire us in faith, hope, and love, worship and celebration, service and action.  How powerful is that?!

Some will say that Music enhances the Mass.  The Church says that Music is integral to our worship and celebration.  Music and especially SINGING is of utmost importance to the Liturgy, and does not serve as mere beautification, decoration or enhancement.  Music and singing, therefore, is not optional.  The Church calls each and every person to join in the prayer that only singing may express and accomplish.  We are all called to give praise to God in every manner we are able.  Not only with our words but with our eyes, our ears, our bodies, and definitely our vocal cords!  If you can make a noise with the voice God has given you, you must use it.  You mustn’t leave it to the person next to you.  We are called to praise God with “every fiber of our being” and that includes our vocal cords!

Everyone can sing.  The voices of the assembly singing at Mass is more important than the music from choir or Cantor.  With that said, it makes it necessary for able musicians to bring the assembly to perform its roles.  But it does take a certain talent and a certain dedication to lead others in the sung prayer of the Church.  If you have been graced with musical skills, and are hearing the Spirit’s call, please explore the different opportunities for Music Ministry here at St. Francis!  Even if you think you’re not great, there is still a place for you in the choir as long as you’re willing to put in the effort.


For more information about the Music Ministry, you may contact:

Leslie Legacion, Music Director

Email: or

Phone number:  408-223-1770 ext. 330


The Choirs of St. Francis of Assisi

Daily Mass

"Morning Angels"- Sally Brandt/ Liway Tuzon


5 p.m. - Theresa Meditch


8:15 a.m., Villages

"The Villages Choir"- Mary Mazur

8:30 AM -  Chapel

Garry Redillas/ Derek Truesdale

9:00 AM - Gathering Hall

Floro Reboton

9:30 AM - Grange

Joyce Schornick/Lito Derecho

10:30 AM - Chapel

"Minstrels of the Lord" - Lois Templanza

"Joyful Praise" - Danny Elaco

"Gaudete" - Ian Hinkle

11:00 AM - Gathering Hall

"Couples for Christ"- Mila Aguilar

"Couples for Christ"- Manuel Hollero

"Choristers Children's Choir" -Ellen Celario and Cedric Pacifico

12:30 PM - Chapel

General Choir  - Leslie Legacion

Bella Voce, all girls choir -  Leslie Legacion

Gaudete- Ian Hinkle

2:00 PM - Chapel (Spanish Mass)

Enrique Rizo

4:00 PM - Chapel (Vietnamese Mass)

Beth Pham

Cecilia Family Choir -Nga Doan

6:00 PM - Chapel

Youth Choir- Bethany Pham

"Voice of Worship" Young Adult Choir- Leslie Legacion