Pope Francis Encyclical - A Must Read!

Every Catholic should read Pope Francis encyclical, Laudato Si' On Care of Our Common Home. We need to read this important book not because it is the latest body of Catholic Social teaching but because it affects each one of us, our children, our grandchildren, all future heirs, our neighbors, all of our friends, and billions of souls we haven't met. Laudato Si' is not simply a message about building "a better green environment". It is the Gospel message of all of God's gifts to us. It speaks to our humanity, and our connectedness with the poor, with Mother Earth and with all of creation. This encyclical is about our interdependence. It is also a plea for action from our Pope. Laudato Si' means "Praised be" and is taken from St. Francis of Assisi's beloved prayer, Canticle of the Sun. As such, it is especially meaningful for our parish. Each one of us is called to be involved. How will we respond?  

How You Can Get a Copy.

The encyclical is available in kindle or book form at the US Conference of Catholic Bishops @ www.usccb.org or from Our Sunday Visitor newspaper @ www.osv.com. The encyclical can be printed as a 70 page document from a link on the USCCB website. We also hope to have copies in our bookstore in the next few weeks. Laudato Si' is informative, inspirational and very readable. Our plan is to form small discussion groups within the parish, so we can expand our understanding of creation and how we can further enhance the care for our common home.