Information about Parish Finances

As we’ve been introducing the Parish Pastoral Council members to each of the Worship communities.  We’ve gotten some questions about communications and transparency concerning parish finances. Did you know that:

  • A full year financial report is generally provided in October/November in conjunction with our stewardship drive.  The report is given at the masses and a bulletin insert. We generally publish a mid-year report in February, although I we missed it this year as we were focusing on the Shine the Light Campaign preparation.  We also post the financial report on the web site.
  • The weekly bulletin typically includes the prior week's collections and how the month-to-date collections compare to the budgeted amount. The exceptions are when our accountant is on vacation, in which case any missed reports are included in the subsequent bulletin.
  • We're always looking for members for the finance committee and visitors are always welcome. The committee usually meets the last Monday of the month (except in June and December) at 7:00pm at the Mission Center. Please double check with Pat Waite, the committee chair first, as every once in a while the meetings are moved or cancelled. Pat can be reached at