JOY - New Faith Formation Program

Change is always inevitable.  Saint Francis of Assisi has had many wonderful years of the Faith Formation process called Generations of Faith. This process involved all adults, children, Junior High youth from 7-8thgrade and High school youth from 9-12 grade.

Generations of Faith has had to make some changes. The first change of Generations of Faith is the name. The new name of our parish Faith Formation for all will be ‘JOY”.  JOY stands for Jesus, Others and You.

Our next change is that the High School Confirmation Process is going to be two years instead of one. This change is two fold. First, our parish will be in conformity with our surrounding parishes that have a 2-year Confir-mation process. The second reason is that High School youth have faith needs beyond the current offerings of Generations of Faith. The parish formation team believes we can better serve our youth through the Ignite and Echo weekly gatherings.

Lastly, the Diocese of San Jose has recently recom-mended that all adults be at the Center of spiritual and faith development.  This means that as adults we need to continue growing in our faith and spiritual awareness alongside the Sunday Liturgy.

We invite and encourage you to come and see what wehave to offer for you and your family.  All of us need to have faith to carry on the hope that Christ’s love can give.  As we become enlightened we are grounded in the love of Christ, and are more able to follow in His steps.

JOY- has one of the best Adult Formation teams in the Diocese.  Our topic for next year will be on Amoris Laetitia The Joy of Love by Pope Francis. Our team con-sists of: 

Blessie and Ernie LaScola. Blessie is a Master Catechist of California, an author of several books on The Rite of Christian Initiation including, Deepening the Mystery, a guided journal through Mystagogia. Blessie has served as a Catechetical Leader for over 25 years from Holy Fam-ily church in South San Jose. She and her husband Ernie travel all over the Diocese of San Jose giving workshops on topics of faith and spirituality.

Sister Pat Galli, R.S.M.  Is a Spiritual director since 1987. She is a nativeSan Franciscan. Sister Pat has her Masters in Theology and Counseling. Her full time ministry is as a Spiritual Director and Retreat leader. She has directed the 30 day retreat of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Sr. Pat offers the Ignatius Exercises here at Saint Francis Parish in small groups. Sister Pat also offers guidance for those wishing to learn more about the new guidelines for annulment process of marriages.

Deacon Wilfred (Willy) AgbayaniDeacon Willy was or-dained to the Permanent Diaconate on May 8, 2010 for the Diocese of San Jose, CA. Appointed by Bishop McGraw to provide Pastoral Care to the patients of Hospitals and   Skilled Nursing Facilities in East San Jose. Deacon Willy is no stranger to Saint Francis of Assisi. He participates in aspects of Liturgical Ministry including Infant Baptisms of the parish.