Parish Registration

There are two ways in which a person can become a member of St. Francis of Assisi church.

The primary way is if a person is Catholic and lives within the territorial boundaries of the parish, then they are a member by their residency. The parish territory includes the zip codes, 95135 and 95138. It includes 95148 south of Quimby Rd. and east of Capital Expressway and 95121 east of 101 and Capital Expressway.

The second way is to complete a registration form for the parish. You can register for the parish regardless of where you live. Everyone is encouraged to register for the parish. It provides an official record of your membership and is useful for participation in parish programs and also diocesan activities such as being accepted into a Catholic school. As a community of disciples, parish members are expected to join in community worship on a regular basis, to nurture one’s spiritual life, to engage in works of service and justice for the larger community, and to make a regular commitment of time and treasure to the parish.

If you prefer to mail or fax your registration, you may download the form here.  You can either mail it or drop it by the Parish office at: 5111 San Felipe Road, San Jose, CA 95135.  You may also fax it to: (408) 223-1759.

If you have any questions, please call our Parish office (408) 223-1770 or email us.